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dr Michael Stone
| Mon 22 Feb 2016

Sod's law dictates that if something can go wrong it probably will. Guess what - the Web Site, Archive and Content Management System was all pulled without trace!

The New look site is intended to be modular (Lite) and to suit most modern devices and phones.

It is intended that the Archive will be rebuilt over time.

Roo Apps can be found / opened via the Green Button in the nav bar.

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Declaration: Apps are all offered in good faith.

Happy Xmas & 2016

dr Michael Stone
| Mon 22 Dec 2015
Hope for the Future

At this time of year everything looks like a Xmas Tree.

The picture, above, is known as the Yanghui Triangle it is the oldest known depiction of what is now called Pascal's Triangle.

(So I made my own Xmas Tree) Click image to open App. in new tab / window

You can decorate the tree by cycling through Modulus 2 to 13. The number clusters make patterns; that should amuse you for five minutes!

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Declaration: Apps are all offered in good faith.